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Euro 2016 Coupon Swipe

Project Team: John Boyle, Kemal Gezer

My Role: Architecture > UX/UI Design > Validation

Every 2 summers, the betting industry sees a surge in business due to the major international football competitions. In 2016 we saw the European Championships take play in France and with that, Ladbrokes were keen to excite and entice users both current and new…


Create a novel and engaging betting experience enabling customers to place accumulators on Euro 2016 matches.


  • Change the way people create their bets – making it more engaging and fun.
  • Explore gesture based decisions for users.
  • Retain attention throughout bet building
  • Harness the excitement of the Euros, present this throughout the journey

User Flows

Before jumping into any ideation/sketching, I looked at how an eventual solution could be positioned within the current system architecture. Whilst the majority of traffic would flow through the designated ‘Euros’ section – it was important to cater for Ladbrokes’ more habitual customers. These customers are known to navigate through the same journeys throughout every bet.

Design Hypothesis

Through further research (using pre-existing Ladbrokes personas) and discussions with product stakeholders I was able to get an insight into the users that I would eventually be designing for. From this I came up with the following design hypothesis:

We believe that by enabling users to bet through the use of screen based gestures (ie. scrolling/swiping) we will see an increase in the number of accumulators placed on the Euro 2016 Tournament. Alongside this, we will see an increase in the average number of legs per bet in these.

We will know this is true when we see an increase in total bets throughout the Euros.

Initial Sketches

In the early brainstorming stages of this project I specifically looked at a variety of ideas around engaging betting behaviour. Particular focus was around sliding/swiping gestures etc.


After a large amount of ideas were put through my sketchbook I settled on an idea and felt it was worth further refining and communicating to product stakeholders! I looked to explore the finer details these wireframes and was able to use these to clarify the feature to business stakeholders.

Initial UI Design

With the concept architecture and wireframes signed off, I began looking into the UI and visual feel of the feature. With a particular focus on user engagement, I framed the main action section of the page in a fairly bright/bold manner. I supplemented this by providing secondary action points within (as per my assumptions) a goal based hierarchy.

Usability Testing

Through the use of Invision and the initial UI designs covered, I then began with creating journey based prototypes which would be presented to a representative sample of Ladbrokes customers.

Some of the key test problems were:

  • How does a ‘Swipe and select’ functionality support customers’ ability to accomplish their key tasks?
  • Does a ‘swipe and select’ solution improve or enhance a user’s experience when building an accumulator?

  • Do users understand what they need to do next when they are asked to build an acca?

  • Do users notice any of the visual feedback while completing any particular tasks?

  • Any unexpected user’s behaviours during these tasks?

Supporting one of my colleagues, I was involved in moderating and recording 8 usability testing sessions with a variety of participants in age, profession etc.

Results/Amended UI Designs

Based on a final summary of our usability study findings, I was able to iterate the previous design solutions to further enable users to build and place bets with greater ease and enjoyment.